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 It is a rainy day outside, and Lexie worries what she will do inside all day. Lexie remembers her mother telling her about an imaginary friend she created as a little girl, and Lexie decides to try this. Lolly, named after one of her favorite foods, is a happy, elf-like character she imagines, who encourages Lexie to go on several adventures with him in the world of make believe, including an exciting hot air balloon ride with a stop to have a glorious picnic with all of their favorite foods, an exploratory trip to the moon in a space shuttle, and then an island escape as pirates seeking buried treasure. (Wait until you see what Lexie's treasure was...) Throughout Lexie and Lolly's adventures, a real friendship develops between the two, despite their obvious differences.  

 "What Can We Do Next?" by Toula Magi is a delightful book filled with positive messages about the importance of using imagination and exercising creativity, along with the values of friendship and the knowledge about how to treat each other with kindness and consideration. In addition, Lolly promised to be available any time Lexie needed him, and her mother was happy she had him to get through a rainy day. I liked the positivity the story offered about imaginary friends and entertaining one's self. The illustrations were also beautiful and made the story come alive. A great choice for readers young and old that promises to touch your hearts and open your imagination with boundless limits!


Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed By: Gail Famous